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This recipe will prove to you just how delicious eating low carb, low fat versions of your favorite foods can be! Who said that "better for you" alternatives had to taste worse?

Note: While this recipe is lower in fat, most sausage recipes are not. Pay close attention to the fat content of the specific sausage that you choose! This specific Target branded chicken sausage only has 5 grams of fat per link, while most others have 10 or more! Also, if you prefer to make your own sriracha mayo sauce, feel free! That's what we do... the low fat Carbsmart variety that I chose for the recipe just reduces the meals total prep time.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS (per sausage):

261 cals: 25g protein; 22g carbs (11g fiber); 11g fat 

INGREDIENTS (per sausage):

  • 1 Oroweat superior Keto hot dog bun

  • 1  Good & Gather Andouille smoked chicken sausage 

  • 1/4 cup diced onions 

  • 15ml Carbsmart sriracha mayo sauce 


  1. Put onions in a well oiled pan on low heat, stirring occassionally until caramelized. This may take 15-20 mins 

  2. put chicken sausage in pan on medium heat, rotating occasionally, until exterior is brown and interior is cooked to 165 degrees. 

  3. Lather sriracha mayo on the inside of the bun. Add sausage and top with onions! 

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