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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Acquiring your dream body takes time and requires effort. The three P’s; passion, perseverance, and patience, intertwine to facilitate results and promote longevity. Together, they guide your energies and unlock your successes. So live passionately, persevere relentlessly, endure patiently and enjoy your long term fitness success. 

Passion- Passion is your key to lifestyle adherence. Many preach the fitness lifestyle, but few truly enjoy the process and all it entails. As you may know, training, nutrition, and recovery are all equally important parts of an oftentimes grueling and lengthy process. Look down at your next meal and ask yourself, “Do I wholeheartedly enjoy what I eat?” If your answer is yes, then congratulations. Your current nutritional practices are part of a lifestyle that you take pride in and are passionate about. You will continue to see results because you love the process. If your answer is no, then consider change. The fitness industry is saturated with different nutritional philosophies. Choose one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. The same concept applies to training.  Like nutrition, training is an art form. There is a ton of ways to tackle training for each and every one of your goals. Choose wisely, and find passion through fitness.

Perseverance- Perseverance is your key to consistency. Motivation is great, but it fades over time. Perseverance defines your fitness character, or your willingness to work through any and all circumstances. Ya, I get it. You have a busy work schedule, you are always on the go, and your time is limited. But those who persevere conquer adversity and rise triumphantly over the same circumstances that brought the weak to their knees. Fitness is not easy, and at times, circumstances will make your journey a living nightmare. If you want it, you will prioritize and make due. So persevere, grab your fitness by the horns, and take control of your gains! 

Patience- Patience is the key to controlling your frustrations. Your fitness journey is a long process filled with peaks and valleys. At times, your results may slow and your motivations may wane. Expect adversity and work through it. Be patient and learn to trust the process. With patience, you can better understand the process and accept its woes.   If you do not hit your monthly goal, then keep on. Use your plateau as motivation to crush your goals the following month. It is that simple, just be patient.

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