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Implementation intention- a must have tool for success!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Are you struggling to make habits out of the revolving, weekly fitness-oriented tasks that guarantee you results? Is skipping your daily cardio workout and your weekly trek to the grocery store becoming an all too common practice that is holding you back from achieving the body of your dreams? Then I have a solution for you. 

Popularized by the world renowned author of New York Times best seller Atomic Habits, James Clear, an implementation intention specifies the action, time, and location that a desired behavior will be done. And by mapping out your intended behaviors in a way that is similar to how you would schedule an appointment that you either want to do or would never miss (I.e. a doctors appointment), you’re more likely to actually complete tasks that have not yet become habitual.. and psychologically, it works! 

When you actually want to do something, like attend the Taylor Swift concert that you just bought tickets for, or hang out with your best friend on Friday night after a long work week, then you set the wheels in motion by putting the details of that event in your calendar and setting a reminder on your phone so that you do not forget.… if you treat activities that you may not like but know that you have to do to be successful, like meal prepping, just like events that you actually enjoy, like attending a Taylor Swift concert, then you’re way more likely to actually complete the less desirable tasks… and over time, those less desirable tasks become habits that will earn you results! 

Creating an implementation intention is easy because you already do it for the activities or events that you like or have to get done. Now… it’s time to take inventory of the things that you have been putting off that are required to get results and do the same! Let’s start with your cardio. Mentally walk yourself through your weekly schedule and note the days and times that you have available to fit it in. Now pencil it in your calendar, scheduling the time, the specific activity, the duration, the location, and set a reminder or two so that you do not “forget”. Do the same for your weekly grocery shop and meal prep, your personal training sessions, and everything else that you have been putting off that is required for success!

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