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MINDSET MONDAY - Resiliency and Vulnerability

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Going through shit.. and not just bouncing back, but holding firm to the qualities that define you. Its so easy to suffer a broken heart, shut down, and lose faith in the opposite sex. It is much harder to suffer a broken heart and continue making yourself vulnerable. By doing so, you open yourself up to the same type of trauma that previously crumbled you... and thats ballsy.

Resilience is defined not by your ability to survive trauma, but by your ability to emerge from a potentially life altering hardship mentally and emotionally intact. Everyone experiences hardship . Unfortunately, most people change... to mask trauma and to protect against ever feeling that type of pain again.

Most people mistake resiliency for stupidity. After all, who would willingly open themselves up to others emotionally after being let down. But if every time someone was hurt, they hardened internally, we would live in a world of mistrust, where everyone held others at an arms length... and that type of emotional insecurity does not cultivate love and growth!

Its crazy... according to webster, resiliency and vulnerability are antonyms. But i truly believe that you cannot be mentally and emotionally resilient without displaying a level of vulnerability that opens you up to pain... that level of emotional security takes courage, and an ability to adapt and recover when others betray you! #mindset #mindsetmatters #mindsetmonday #mindsetiseverything #mindsetchange #changeyourmindset #mindsetmotivation #mindsetiskey

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