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Jeffrey Baird


BLOOD FLOW RESTRICTION (BFR) TRAINING How it works: Veins shuttle blood from muscles to the heart, while arteries do the opposite. Veins are more superficial than arteries. With just the right amount of pressure, you can use a tourniquet or a specialized cuff to clamp down on your veins and not your arteries , trapping blood and metabolites in exercising muscles (same amount of blood going into + less blood leaving muscle = more blood in muscle). Following? Well, In order for a muscle to grow, its rate of synthesis must exceed its rate of degradation. Current research suggests that BFR training increases markers of muscle protein synthesis and not degradation, making it a strongggg training method for the stimulation of muscular hypertrophy. LIFTING HEAVY PRODUCES GAINS. WHY NOT JUST DO THAT INSTEAD? Common BFR training protocols utilize loads as light as 20-40% of max, while Traditional training methods require in excess of 65%. Using a much lighter load to achieve a similar effect protects your joints, connective tissues, muscles, etc. from excessive strain, making it a great rehab tool and active rest day or deload alternative... SOLD YET? DO THIS: AMOUNT OF PRESSURE: 40-80% (more is not better) SENSATIONS TO AVOID: numb, tingling, cold. WHERE: upper arms / legs to stimulate your biceps, triceps, quads, and hamstrings FREQUENCY: 1-3 days/ week PARAMETERS: 2-4 exercises/ muscle group; 15-30 reps/ set; 2-5 sets/ exercise; 30 seconds rest between sets
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