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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Just an observation...

When you cry to others about today’s struggles, you’re perceived as weak. When you reminisce upon having conquered yesterday’s hurdles, you’re viewed as a source of hope and inspiration to others going through similar hardships.

Ironic, eh?

Struggle... feel it... express it... live it... own it... adapt to it... and conquer it. Don’t just talk about it, Be proactive and do something about it. Your struggles are your struggles. And while having a good support system helps, that support system will undeniably crumble beneath you the second you can no longer stand on your own two feet. Your support system is intact to guide and encourage you as you navigate your way through life's battles, not solve your problems for you.

With that in mind, figure it out. Use others support, wisdom, and advice to catalyze action! That is, action that moves you towards healing and ultimately, personal betterment. Then talk about it. Everybody struggles... and unfortunately, people are more interested in hearing about your victories than your drama.

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