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NEW RECIPE - Pretzel Bun Sliders

Another delicious recipe that’ll have you rethinking the way that you meal prep!! Newsflash… burgers aren’t bad, it’s the ingredients that you use that make or break its nutritional quality. Here is a recipe that Sam and I have had in our weekly routine for over a year now, and still aren’t sick of! 

MACROS (per slider): 195cals; 18carbs; 18 protein; 6 fat

MACROS (with only bottom bun): 8carbs; 17protein; 4 fat 

INGREDIENTS (per slider) 

-seasoning of choice (we use Grandpa’s Stew by Kinder’s) 

-2.5oz 96% lean ground beef

-1 kings Hawaiian slider pretzel buns (feel free to eliminate the top bun if you want to reduce the carb total by a few grams) 

-2tbsp Diced onions

-2tbsp Shredded lettuce

-1tbsp Rays no sugar added original bbq sauce


  1. combine ground beef and seasoning in a bowl and mix with hands

  2. Form 2.5oz patty's with hands, toss in a preheated skillet, and cook to desired temperature

  3. Add toppings to bun and form burger. Its that simp

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