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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Warrior- a person who shows vigor, courage, and aggressiveness in battle. 

A warrior has vigor. His body is strong and capable, and his mind sharp and willing. He will outsmart your intelligently thought out action plan, and outwork your most fine tuned robot. A warrior is always one step ahead, both literally and metaphorically. Think about it, but not for too long. By the time you have figured it out, he will have already attacked. Good luck!

A warrior is courageous. He will fight, regardless of the odds, circumstances, or conditions. With his back against the wall and impending death looming, he will still march out to battle and fight alongside his brothers in arms. He knows, whether victorious or not, that his best efforts are noble and worth fighting for. 

A warrior is aggressive. He attacks in haste, and forces retreat. His proactive game plan proves to be, more often than not, too much to handle. By drawing first blood, a warrior will methodically drive you to deviate from your original game plan and scramble, like a colony of ants whose path he has stepped on. The resulting chaos is key to the warrior's victory. 

The Golden State Warriors have proven to be just that, a team of warriors. To illustrate my point, I will detail their journey from 2014 to now. If this does not motivate you, then nothing will. 

In September of 2014, Fox Sports predicted the Golden State Warriors to lose against the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the NBA playoffs. NBA critics claimed that the Warrior's "lack of star power" would prevent them from exceling at the leagues highest level, and wrote them off early on. Instead, analysts did as they as always do, and glorified Lebron James and his team of superstars for their league-wide dominance. Just a few short months later, the Warriors beat the Grizzlies, crushed the Rockets, and pulverized James and the Cavaliers in route to their first NBA championship in 40 years. 

During the Warrior's championship parade, popular NBA analysts talked down their victory by calling it a "fluke". They swore against Golden State repeating as champions, and guaranteed a "slow and lethargic" start to their 2015 NBA season. 

The league's underwhelming confidence in the Warrior's success lit a fire underneath the team's ass, and prompted a record breaking start to their 2015-2016 NBA season. On November 24, 2015, the Warriors set the NBA record for the best start in history with an embarrassing 40 point landslide victory against the Los Angeles Lakers. It is December 3rd, 2015, and the Golden State Warriors are 20-0. 

We are more than two months into the 2015-2016 NBA season, and the Warriors have not lost a single game. But how? They do not have an overwhelming amount of star power, nor does any one of their player's individual statistics (aside from Stephen Curry's) stand out. So then, what is the secret to their success?

The Warriors fought, and continue to fight, with vigor, courage, and aggressiveness. When other's discredited their championship efforts, the Warriors went to work and game planned for a season to remember! The media's negativity did not alter their path, nor did it, in any way, influence their warrior- like mentality. They held their ground and stood firm in what they believed in...that they were the best team in the NBA. 

Whether or not you follow the NBA, the Warriors unrelenting prowess demands respect. Their story is truly one for the ages, and can be used to fuel any "off the court" venture, including your own. But, you have to ask yourself, "Are you a warrior"? Do you have the vigor, the courage, and the aggressiveness to outmatch your opponent? If so, then do as the Golden State Warriors did and battle. Gear up, your warrior-like mentality might just change the world!

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