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This program is designed to improve shoulder flexion range of motion through the restoration of shoulder rotation and ribcage dynamics.. Your ability to reach overhead is directly associated with your shoulder’s ability to rotate both internally and externally during different parts of the movement arc. Thus, limitations in shoulder rotation can wreak havoc on your ability to perform varying overhead tasks. Restoring your shoulder’s ability to rotate will improve your ability to reach overhead, and reduce your body's need to orient when it lacks the relative motion necessary to complete commonly performed patterns. While I do not always attribute chronic injuries to a lack of mobility, improving your arm’s ability to move through full ranges of motion will definitely reduce overall tissue stress, and will not make your chronic injuries worse. So if your overhead mobility is an issue, then give this program a try. TIME COMMITMENT: 15 minutes daily LENGTH OF PROGRAM: daily until ROM is restored DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy WHAT YOU'LL NEED: One medium loop band, 1 foam roller, 1 lacrosse ball or baseball, 2 light kettlebells, and 1 light cambered bar or PVC pipe *all items linked in overview of INTERVENTION section

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