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The Glutes and Abs trainer includes an eight week training program with all of the exercises, parameters, and progressions that you need to grow and strengthen your glutes, and solidify your midsection. I provide background information about the science behind the program so that you can fully understand and appreciate its intricacies, and apply the fundamental movement-based concepts that I use throughout once you finish the program to continue making  gains without a hitch. I include a "HOW TO" guide so that you know, with certainty, how to perform each movement to get the most out of your glutes and abs. 


HOW IT WORKS: Once you have purchased the program, it will be automatically emailed to you. Just click on the DOWNLOAD link and you are good to go! From there, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you have regarding the program's exercises or parameters. 

8 Week Glutes and Abs Program

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