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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In a world of "motivational speakers" and social media giants, where trends are king, society is falling victim to others' outrageous thoughts, beliefs, and practices. Essentially, any influencer with a large enough following and a haphazard idea can post about something ridiculous on Instagram, and automatically change the way that others thinks. We are becoming numb to ourselves, and to what benefit?!?!. 

The following is an example of what can happen when you get caught up in the buzz, and lose sight of your ability to think and do things for yourself. 


Your life long idol says, "Motivation is fleeting, it comes and goes without warning. Discipline is king. It is unyielding, reliable, and yada yada yada. You should not rely on motivation... Yada yada yada".

As it stands, your "motivations"  are no longer enough to propel you through life and towards success. With the help of your "mentor", you now believe that "motivation" is too temporary of a feeling to impact your future for long enough to make a difference. You opt to rely on something more stable, like discipline, to guide you in your journey towards the promised land (because that is what someone told you to do), and to no avail. You search for answers in all of the wrong places, and never find the discipline that you were promised to succeed... So you fail. The truth is, who really cares about what you call it, whether motivation or discipline, as long as you succeed? You wasted your time and energy appeasing others, and not focusing on yourself or your journey. 

The reality is, we place too much emphasis on things that do not matter, and surrender too much power to those who should not have it. We are too worried about today's "trends" to dial in on our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We get caught up in things that do not matter, like buzz words, fame, and conversational minutia, to truly identify the root of anything, like our own pitfalls, or the practical solutions to our real life problems. 

We cannot rely on others success to fund our own. We must write our own legacies, and not piggyback  the likeness of those that we idolize. We live in a "follow the leader" type society, where very few people think and do for themselves, and that has to change. It all starts from within.

We must relearn to be ourselves, and disregard what others' do, to preserve our paths moving forward. We must rethink our priorities, and regain control over both our minds and our actions. We must avoid falling victim to what so many others have. We must prevent ourselves from becoming social zombies. 

Do what you want, when you want, and with who you want. And not because someone told you to, but because you wanted to. Just be you! 

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