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This recipe is easy... shoot, it's not even really a recipe. And truthfully, the only reason I'm posting it is because it requires no planning, prepping, or cooking skills to make, and is a great alternative to fast food! Simply put the loin in the oven, shower and wash away the days stress while it cooks, and enjoy! I have learned that a lot of people just don't like the idea of cooking. So it doesn't matter how easy a recipe that I post is to make, they simply will not make it because they are either intimidated by the idea of cooking, or have a predisposed notion that it is complicated or time consuming! This recipe idea is for those people! Sam and I buy a couple of bags of Birds Eye veggies and a pork loin every day for the nights that we get home late and are time crunched to eat!

The pork loin is from Stater Bros meat department, and the Birds Eye veggies are from Stater Bros frozen section!


Simply follow the directions on the back of the packages and enjoy! The loin takes 35 mins to bake in the oven, and the veggies microwave in minutes!


I have posted photos of the nutritional information for both the loin and the veggies. Both come in different flavors and varieties, but I have found this combination to be the most enjoyable and the best for you!

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